I am an educator in California who grew up to divorced parents
 and who has mixed race children. 

 I have family and friends from all walks of life - race, 
 sexuality, religion, and political leanings. I've personally
 held many spiritual, religious, and political view points
 throughout my life. 

 I am above all, a thinker. I love investigating topics, 
 learning, and questioning my assumptions and ideas. I 
 purposefully play devil's advocate against myself as I was 
 taught at a young age that to become a great debater, you must
 practice defending ideas you initially do not support. This is
 how you learn their strengths and weaknesses and is the only 
 way to properly understand those ideas. Ultimately, you may 
 come to a new appreciation for them. You might even begin to 
 accept them and replace your existing ideas. No matter what, 
 you become more knowledgeable.

 My earliest childhood memories are of the imposing power of 
 the Soviet Union, the threat of global nuclear war, the 
 subsequent collapse of the USSR, and the following Gulf War. 
 I am an early Millennial. I vividly remember the role the 
 media played in bringing these images into our home. I 
 remember nightly scud missile attacks on Israel, endless 
 reporting on biological and chemical weapons, and the babies 
 being killed in incubators. 

 Above all, I remember Fear. I was weaned on it.

 In the following years I grew to revere my country, for we 
 were not only the saviors of western civilization for 
 defeating the Soviets, but we were liberators. We saved Kuwait
 and made Saddam end his aggression. We brought peace to 
 Bosnia, Serbia, and the other former nations of Yugoslavia 
 through NATO. Top Gun was my family's favorite movie. 

 Fear was replaced by Love.

 Over time, however, my heart began to harden and my patriotism
 began to fade.

 My family and friends were from all over the spectrum, but my
 father, above all, hated the Democratic Party and Bill 
 Clinton. He was a Ross Perot supporter and while I was too 
 young to fully grasp what happened to his campaign, and was 
 too naive to fully grasp the nature of the two-party political
 system, my young mind was waking up. 

 My father was a rancher and the regulations under Clinton's 
 presidency were taking away my father's ability to maintain 
 his livelihood. He, a baby boomer, had grown up during the 
 counter-culture revolution and Vietnam. He hated large  
 government and foreign involvement. He distrusted our 
 involvement in the Gulf and Balkans. 

 While my father's distrust grew, and his ability to support 
 his family failed, my own feelings toward my country changed

 Liberal California education had instilled a lot of negative
 feelings in my heart for the past transgressions of our nation
 against peoples of the world. As I learned of The United 
 States' involvement in the Philippines, Vietnam, Chile, and 
 elsewhere, I became troubled. I learned of the Military 
 Industrial Complex, began listening to Rage Against The 
 Machine, and I became a Netizen. The impeachment of Bill 
 Clinton and the events of the 2000 presidential election 
 further hardened my heart to our political system.

 Things suddenly changed, however, on September 11th, 2001.

 I was shell shocked - like all of us were. But the shock 
 didn't last long as the media and the political machinations
 of our Nation quickly sprang to life. 

 I watched as our leadership and media used the attacks on our
 soil as a pretext for war. 

 A vial of anthrax was held up: Fear. 

 The same media which had brought the Gulf War and the Fake 
 News of babies dying in incubators, now sold the American 
 people a second Gulf War; this time with a side helping of 

 I could not believe my eyes. 
 Friends and family I had known my entire life became pro war.
 The media sold the initial bombardment as a fireworks show.
 The People lined up to buy front row tickets. I wasn't 
 educated enough to understand what was happening, but I sensed
 the deception and I was deeply disturbed.

 Ultimately this remains the most troubled period of my entire 
 life. I became obsessed with learning and I ventured far on 
 the web in pursuit of truth. The Media shouted the words 
 Conspiracy Theory. I didn't care. I was a Conspiracy Theorist.
 I was an outsider and I wasn't afraid to speak my mind about 
 the Rothschilds and the puppet presidents and the 
 assassination of Kennedy.

 But over time, life took over. The wars ground on for years.
 Friends returned from battle, hardened, but alive. I grew up, 
 and I moved on. I got a real job and a family and a mortgage. 
 My feelings for this country tempered and I became Hopeful 
 again when a young black senator from Chicago swept an entire 
 nation up in a movement.

 Things were going to Change.

 It took a few years, but that nagging feeling started to creep
 back into my mind. 

 Something wasn't right in America.

 The promises of 2008 were not materializing like Jon Stewart 
 had assured me they would under the gentle and benevolent 
 leadership of the Left. Banks were not held to account for 
 raiding the coffers of the people. We were still at war. 
 Worse, we were at war with more countries than I could count.
 We were threatening global war with Russia over Syria. The 
 national debt was continuing to skyrocket. Guantanamo was 
 still active, as were black sites in Poland and Diego Garcia. 
 The Patriot Act was expanded and NSA surveillance was 
 revealed. My healthcare premiums tripled.

 I continued to watch the Media justify the failures of our 
 leader on the opposition party. I knew that Stephen Colbert 
 was right, the Republicans were evil warmongering 
 obstructionist fundamentalists. And like a good citizen, I 
 remained hopeful that their backs could be broken. We could 
 withdraw ourselves from endless conflict, right our financial 
 overrun, and fix the exploding education and health care costs
 while granting universal access. 
 Real Communism had never been tried!

 Just as it seemed my hope would fade, a candidate appeared to
 promise all of those things: Bernie Sanders. I became 
 enthralled with the principles of this man - the man who could
 not be bought. I watched videos of his timeless struggle 
 against the machinations of the System - filibuster speeches
 that would tire other men were filled with compassion, 
 idealism, optimism, and fearlessness.

 I once again became engaged with Politics.

 However, I very soon began to feel that old nagging feeling.
 Something wasn't right in America.

 The Media refused to grant Sanders airtime, Super Delegates 
 were falsely included in the vote total, and the DNC refused 
 to hold debates between Sanders and Clinton, or when they did,
 they were held during other highly televised events to 
 mitigate viewership.

 This troubled me, but it was really only the beginning.

 I had learned of More specifically, I began 
 following and 

 This was when I would first learn of CTR - Correct the Record.

 I had long known that nation-states employ individuals to 
 propagandize the Internet. I had seen their posts and 
 interacted with their agents. I had grown up on the Internet 
 and like any native, I could spot a shill a mile away.

 Suddenly the Internet was filled with Shills.

 But these weren't the shills I was used to seeing. Anybody can
 spot an Israeli shill or a Russian shill. They give themselves
 away too easily with their talking points. Chinese shills are 
 even easier. US and British Intelligence might be the most 
 difficult to spot since there is already such a large pro
 United States user base that they can easily hide amongst.
 These shills were new and they were obviously well funded - 
 they attacked Reddit in force. They almost simultaneously 
 attacked Twitter, Facebook, 4chan, and the remaining comment
 sections that still existed in media outlets across the globe.
 The common theme was their support for Hillary Clinton.

 It was this attack on my access to accurate information that
 triggered that old nagging feeling. 

 Each morning I'd see six televisions blaring the same message
 at me at the gym: 
  Trump is Racist
  Hillary is Winning
  Sanders is Losing

 Over and over they repeated the narratives. Online, they 
 spammed, harassed, slandered, and down voted.

 Perhaps age had granted me wisdom or perhaps they were simply
 too overt. Suddenly, I saw through the bullshit.

 I saw the Truth.

 We are all of us deceived. We have been for generations. The 
 narratives are always controlled. The shills have always been 
 there. Radio, paper, television, and the net. Their job is to 
 control information, to direct the people of this country in 
 lockstep towards particular predesignated outcomes.

 All of those instances in my life suddenly came back to me. 
 Shock and awe, the vial, and the babies. Fake News wasn't the 
 conspiracy theories. Fake News was the Mainstream Media!

 Perhaps this seems too obvious, but this was a life shattering
 event. I realized that there was information that wasn't being
 given to me. I wasn't being allowed to see it. Narratives were
 being written by powerful people and their army of reporters,
 journalists, and politicians were feeding it to me. And when I
 went looking for truth, their army of shills was there to head
 me off at the pass. 

 Ultimately, as I knew in my heart would happen, Sanders lost. 
 Each blow was confirmation to the Truth I had discovered. 
 Virginia voter fraud, Arizona closing over half of its polling
 stations, wild swings in early and late voting, vote results 
 not corresponding with exit polls. Boom. Boom. Boom.
 The Democratic National Convention was the big one, however. 
 It sealed the deal.
 I watched as Sanders Delegates were gaged and removed. Loyal
 Democratic supporters who had embraced a movement and put in 
 their blood, sweat, and tears, were removed and I saw as the 
 DNC advertised for, bussed in, and paid people to fill the 
 audience. I watched this on live streams and I watched as the 
 Mainstream Media purposefully did not air it. 

 My generation was stabbed in the back.

 It was just before this time that I became aware of a greater 
 disturbance. I suddenly realized that the deception occurring
 in the Democratic Primary wasn't the only ongoing deception. I
 turned my eye to the Republican side for really the first time
 in a serious manner.

 Trump was blowing out the Republican field. He was masterfully
 controlling the Media narrative. I started to understand the 
 nature of his provocative statements. The Media was losing 
 ratings as the public became disenfranchised with their 
 clearly deceptive reporting. To maintain profitability, they 
 were both desperate to air controversy yet unwilling to air 
 anything on Clinton. 
 Trump played right into this. 

 Each time he sensed a lull in his support begin to develop, 
 you'd see him generate a controversy with a single statement, 
 interview, or tweet. The media would eat it up - showering him
 with free air time and sure enough, as the old saying says: 
 Any press is good press. 

 At the conclusion of the Primaries I watched in awe, but no
 longer, surprise, at the way the Media portrayed the results:
 the Republicans were in disarray and Trump's performance at 
 the RNC was a failure. The DNC performance by Clinton was 
 hailed as a shining beacon of hope.

 Nothing could have been further from the truth. 

 I watched both events completely. Trump unified his party and
 embraced ideals that shook the party's foundations. He 
 embraced the LBGTQ community. To huge applause. Meanwhile, the
 DNC was rife with debacles. They paraded individuals based on 
 identity politics - Muslims, Illegal Aliens, and others. The 
 entire message of the event was simply Anti-Trump. Meanwhile 
 they forcefully ejected almost half of their participants to 
 hide the civil war brewing within the party. Most notably, 
 they didn't show the American Flag until called out on it.

 It was at this point that I took a break to reflect.

 Supporting Clinton was a non-option. What I had witnessed 
 throughout the primary and at the DNC wasn't just appalling,
 it was illegal and smacked of king-making. More to the point,
 I had already seen a Bush Dynasty. A Clinton Dynasty too? 

 Something really wasn't right in America.

 It seemed clear that I had only two options remaining: 
 disengagement from Politics completely or support for Trump. I
 was anti-Establishment through and through. I was bred for it 
 - it was in my DNA. Born of a hippy. Once a conspiracy 
 theorist, always a conspiracy theorist. So the choice seemed
 reasonable at face value. 

 But was I willing, able, to get behind a racist? A misogynist?
 Somebody who had mocked a disabled reporter? 
 I took several weeks to reflect.

 Cautiously, I returned to Reddit. 

 I entered the Lion's Den - 

 I gorged upon the memes and the Pepes, and I quickly 
 discovered more. There was Truth. 

 I had been blind to it before, because I was ideologically 
 driven by a hatred of Republicans to not see their message.

 They knew of CTR and they rooted them out. They knew of the 
 DNC's corruption. They embraced fleeing former Sanders 
 supporters. They accepted people from all walks of life - 
 gays, transsexuals, Muslims, blacks, Mexicans, and foreigners.

 The only rule was you had to join legally.

 You had to disavow. 

 You had to state openly and plainly that you were 
 shedding your former allegiances and embracing Trump.

 I could not believe this. More to the point, I watched as they
 banned bigots and did not allow racism, sexism, or other forms
 of intolerance.

 To be honest, I was baffled.

 How could a community rallying around a candidate defamed for 
 racism and intolerance, be against all of those things?

 I quickly learned the Truth. 

 Trump did not mock a disabled reporter. This is fake news. He 
 mocked a reporter for double speaking in the same way he's 
 mocked numerous people for double speaking. This is documented
 extremely well on YouTube.

 Trump is not racist. He didn't call all Mexicans rapists or 
 anything of the sort. His analysis of the situation along the
 US-Mexico border is extremely accurate. The entire border area
 is controlled largely by gangs which control the flow of 
 drugs, guns, and people. The majority of women who are 
 illegally trafficked through the US-Mexico border are raped.
 These are all documented facts. Failing to control the border 
 leaves these voiceless people as victims and fails to protect 
 them while also allowing these gangs to thrive. Stopping 
 trafficking through the border is essential for our safety, 
 the destruction of the gangs, and imperative to restore order 
 to the legal immigration process from Mexico to the US. 

 Trump is not a misogynist. He has employed women throughout
 his businesses and campaign up to the highest levels. 

 Trump has employed people of all backgrounds in all positions
 based on merit. He has been given awards for his involvement
 in minority communities. He has proven himself to be inclusive
 and fair. He is not a bigot.

 The allegations against Trump have come as a firestorm for 
 over a year. 

 They are Fake News. 

 He isn't a perfect human being, but I'm not here to defend 

 I'm here because I was woken up by the overt lies that were 
 being rained down upon us for over a year.

 I am here because Wikileaks revealed the depths of those lies.
 Within the Wikileaks emails, many things were revealed.

 First, and perhaps most importantly, within the emails 
 themselves was a conversation amongst Hillary's staffers and 
 the Media to create a narrative that Russia was responsible 
 for the leaks as they had already realized they'd been 
 compromised. So the day a coworker came to me and said Russia
 was to blame, I literally laughed. I could not believe the 
 audacity that these liars had to put such a narrative across 
 all their networks given the plan to create said narrative was
 documented within the emails themselves. 

 Second, and related the first, the emails revealed that almost
 the entire breadth of the Media Establishment was compromised
 - ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and even FoxNews. Smaller agencies like
 the Huffington Post, Washington Post, Politico, Snopes, 
 Politifact, and others were also engaging in this collusion 
 with the DNC and Hillary Clinton in attempting to anoint her 
 as president. This is documented fact and is indisputable.

 Third, and perhaps most damning, is the fact that while one 
 and two are potentially criminal, the emails contain dozens 
 upon dozens of examples of felony level offenses committed by
 John Podesta, Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, Donna Brazile, 
 David Brock, and others in the Clinton circle. The crimes 
 range from illegally providing debate questions before debates
 (yes, that's illegal), to illegally coordinating Super PACs,
 to accepting contributions from foreign nations, to paying an
 army of Shills to attack free speech on the internet (yes, 
 that's also illegal as it violates FEC regulations), to paying
 people to riot at Trump Rallies, to deleting emails under
 Congressional Subpoena.

 The Wikileaks emails revealed so much that I barely slept.
 Each day was like Christmas for me and those close to me who
 were familiar with the situation. We feasted on revelations 
 that confirmed almost two decades of distrust in the 
 Establishment forces - from the Media, to the Political Elite,
 to the Financiers.

 It was during this time period that I was led to a series of 
 lectures by Yuri Bezmenov. These three lectures changed 
 everything for me. While I had already started along a path of
 learning, I hadn't yet understood the full scope of what was
 occurring in America. Why things were going so horribly wrong.

 Yuri Bezmenov was a USSR KGB agent who defected to the west in
 1970. In his lectures he explains the process of Ideological 
 Subversion which is what the KGB spent the vast majority of 
 their resources on (as opposed to Espionage). 

 Ideological Subversion is a four step process intended to
 disable your enemy to such an extent that they no longer 
 perceive you as an enemy and can no longer defend against you.
 In this way, you can defeat them without a single shot being
 fired. Sun Tzu described the art of Ideological Subversion as 
 the highest form of warfare. In the final stage of Ideological
 Subversion your enemy is no longer able to reconcile truthful
 information any longer. When presented with facts, they will 
 dismiss them. 

 America has already reached this stage.

 The four steps to Ideological Subversion are Demoralization, 
 Destabilization, Crisis, and Normalization. 

 Demoralization takes a long time - several decades. By 1985, 
 when Yuri lectured, he claimed that The United States had 
 already been completely Demoralized. Meaning, the first 
 generation to experience the overt communist propaganda had 
 already grown up, become teachers, and were now indoctrinating
 a younger generation. This would be the minimum required time 
 to complete the process - one generation. We've had successive
 generations of indoctrination.

 The demoralization process attacks the six ideological pillars
 of society:  

  Social Life
  Power Structure
  Labor Relations
  Law and Order 

 Here is how each has been fundamentally eroded or pushed to

 Religion: Atheism has been pushed while Religion has been
 widely denounced and minimized in popular culture and media.
 Religious orders have been compromised with pedophilia and 

 Economy: Government, monetary institutions, and trade deals 
 have gutted manufacturing, impoverished citizens, and chained
 them with debt. Public and Private debt is sky rocketing.

 Social Life: Social Media is the new social life. It allows 
 for introversion, removal from community, extremism, lack of 
 accountability, and hostility.
 Power Structure: More and more power is held in the hands of
 unelected officials and supranational organizations with no 
 accountability to the public.

 Labor Relations: Unions and worker relationships with 
 employers - both public and private - have become strained to 
 the point of adversarial positions that can only be resolved 
 through legal mediation. Situations are often worsened through
 the process or the positions of the union are often
 self-damaging (ex. Teacher Unions protecting bad teachers).

 Law and Order: The public has been trained to distrust the
 military and police - to consider them racist, of low 
 intelligence, and adversaries to the public.

 I'll even add a 7th pillar: Gender Identity. The architects of
 Soviet Ideological Subversion probably couldn't have dreamed 
 of the place we are at today with Gender Identity. A person 
 unable to reconcile their biology certainly is unfit to  
 maintain a defense against you any longer.

 Following the Demoralization process is Destabilization. 

 During this period all conflicts become irreconcilable between
 individuals and organizations. We are certainly well past this
 stage. Any union member, HOA member, parent, teacher, 
 employee, or employer can understand where things are at right
 now. There is no capacity for reason, empathy, or 
 reconciliation between parties anymore. 

 Individuals would rather terminate a friendship than accept 
 that somebody has an alternate point of view. Facebook has 
 made this entirely too easy.

 Discourse is impossible. We are on the edge of Crisis.

 Crisis would have led to Normalization which is the suspension
 of our Rights and the rise of a Totalitarian State. 

 This playbook has been seen again and again and again -
 Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, and more.

 I believe that we were very close to this Vision for America
 being realized on November 8th, 2016. 

 The Democratic Party is the party of the Progressives and the 
 Left. The attacks occurring on the seven pillars of society 
 outlined above all originate from the Global Establishment 
 and are directed through their army of Leftist Organizations.

 The Establishment are not Capitalists nor are they Communists. 
 They are Totalitarians that strive for global power. Their 
 army is the Swamp - the Media, the Banks, the Supranational 
 Unelected Bodies, Trade Organizations, and legions of lawyers.
 Their mission is to shackle America because freedom is 
 antithesis to their Power. 

 We have not had a free election in my lifetime. 

 Until now.

 It is abundantly clear that President Trump stands against 
 these forces. Every move he has made through this process has
 been to  right each of the pillars. Love of Country, 
 Love of God, Unity, Law and Order, Jobs, and returning the 
 power of Government to the People. Every time he gives a 
 speech or interview he reinforces this message. Each of these 
 moments he is consciously unravelling years of damage that has
 been done to the fabric of our society.

 The People of The United States of America are listening!

 The people of Europe are listening!

 There is a Rightness to loving God, to loving your country, to
 loving your fellow man, to distrusting your government, and to
 respecting those who provide for our safety. Those things have
 been purposefully taken from us.

 When I first heard Yuri's words, it all became so clear. 

 This isn't Republican versus Democrat or Capitalist versus 
 This is Ideological Subversion. 

 This is about Freedom versus Totalitarianism. 

 I now understand that all the compassion, love, and good 
 feelings in our hearts don't do a damned bit of good if we're
 getting played by people who have no concern for our lives or 
 the lives of our children. Accepting illegal immigrants or 
 refugees, giving up our sovereignty to the United Nations or 
 trade blocs, or giving up our right to own firearms - all of 
 those things can be framed positively. All of those things can
 be argued as objectively good and as objectively Right. 

 I believed in all of these things.

 And yet, a country without borders and a people without arms 
 and without a voice in their government is a people who will 
 quickly end up slaughtered by those with the power and the 

 They'll be slaughtered and it doesn't matter if the government
 calls itself Socialist, Communist, National Socialist, or 
 anything else. It's the same murderous face behind all of 
 these names and behind both of our political parties.

 It is time to right the pillars, take back our government, 
 and Drain the Swamp.
 President Trump is doing exactly that. 

 The Establishment stands against our President.

 But I, and the People of These United States of America, 
 We stand with Him.